All About Border Collies is presented by the United States Border Collie Club, Inc. (USBCC). The USBCC is dedicated to preserving the Border Collie as a working stock dog; opposing the showing, judging, and breeding of Border Collies based upon their appearance; promoting only careful breeding for the preservation of working ability and the avoidance of genetic defects; and helping Border Collie owners and the public generally to better understand and appreciate the traditional Border Collie, bred for work. Our web page is provided as a service to the public with these aims in mind. We are one of the most comprehensive Border Collie sites on the web, and we continually seek to expand our content. Bookmark this page, come back often, and let us know what you think!

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BC Basics

BC Basics is the first stopping place for the new visitor. We have information here about the art of living with and loving this wonderful breed, including tips on getting a border collie and basic border collie characteristics.

BC Health

BC Health provides articles and links about both common health problems in border collies and the basic genetics of the breed. Some of the genetics articles include information on genes and hips, the genetics of behavior, and information about the color genetics behind red dogs, white dogs, and merle dogs. We also offer a sample puppy sales contract for breeders, as well as information about puppy testing.

BC Training

BC Training offers both articles and links on basic obedience training, sheepdog training, and other activities such as agility and tracking. We also are proud to offer a series of videos on the training of a young sheepdog.

BC Culture

BC Culture offers a list of border collie clubs and associations, as well as sections on the politics of the border collie (particularly focusing on the controversy between AKC and owners of working border collies), books and literature featuring border collies, and the history of the breed.

BC Products

BC Products provides links to vendors of border collie products, as well as direct product lists of magazines, books, multimedia works such as audio CD and DVDs, and training equipment,

BC Boards

Talk with others about border collies on the BC Boards. Join our active community today!

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